Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Just had CHEK TV in my studio before lunch filming my work, me painting, and a couple of my workshop students. One of my workshop participants who knew someone at the TV station, suggested they do an article on me and my workshops and to my amazement, they came to the studio, cameras and all and got what they needed.
The clip will be on a show called "ISLAND 30" Airing Friday, Feb. 19th, channel 6 at 6:30PM and again at 10:30pm. All went well and am grateful for the opportunity to share my work, book and workshops. Special thanks to painters Steve Murphy and Ina Beaveridge who offered to come and talk about the workshops.
Below is a 10 minute value study of a painting while being interviewed. 16x20" acrylic/canvas.


  1. love the looseness here ,really nice and congrats on this wonderful
    opportunity for you,hope your sales quadurple

  2. Congratulation Brian! Would be nice if you could put a clip of that on the blog so we can all see it. I am very happy for you. Good going!

  3. Thanks Dave and Ralph, I should be getting a cd after the show, if so, I will post it here and on my website. Thanks for your comments. It was a lot of fun this morning. Brian

  4. Can't wait to see the clip Brian! You deserve it all and more!