Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Giddy River Valley

20x30" Acrylic on canvas.
Melville Island
Northwest Territories
Landscapes Of Canada series

Painted with permission from NRCan along with about nine other paintings in this series. Thank you Joanne.


  1. Hey Ralph. Glad to see you painting! Your latest are big and bold--way to go! I think my favorite of the latest is the one of trees/trail...the first one. I like this one. It's a great composition and the colors are so rich. Not sure why, but the sky feels a little disconnected from the rest. Maybe it's just me. Maybe a couple hits of that yellow from the sky down on the ground?

  2. Thanks Elliot for the comment. This one was done last September, the one you like is more recent.
    Good comment but I'll wait and see what Brian has to say.
    You have painted some beauties since I was off the site. You really have a way with colors. Go for it!

  3. A beauty here Ralph, love the drama here and the composition! The color is bold as well. As far as Elliots point, I might put a couple of the dark blue sky notes in the shadow area of the foreground to marry the sky to the landscape a bit more, but I think the painting is fine without it too. You seem to do really well on these 20x30's, a good format for you enabling you to paint large landscape vistas....nice work here Ralph