Sunday, January 28, 2007

Gorge Rhodo's

Hellooooooooooo out there!!
This is one I did in early January. I have been a little reluctant to put it out there so to speak. Not to sure about this one!?
Like to hear what you think.
A/C 24 x 30
Gimme' some C & C <:-)


  1. Hey Jeffery! Welcome back! This is a lovely painting full of goreous colours! Just a thought though, it seems a bit busy with all the little bits of colour...wonder if it could have been done a bit simpler with a little less dazzle???? I think if you took those white spots and greened them up a bit, they would settle into the painting and your other colours would work beautifully! White sometimes lives in a world all its own and is very reluctant to participate with the other colours! It seems at times to want its own attention and is very demanding.
    To illustrate the point, try covering the white with your hand and look at the rest of the colours,...just gorgeous. Now remove your hand and see how demanding the white is! Otherwise
    a beautiful rendition though, Brian

  2. I didn't really notice the white until Brian mentioned it. I was too busy enjoying feeling the dark summer forest park.

    I think Brian may be right about the white (for the far left bush), although even with the white, it's breathtaking.

    Shades of Monet with a decidedly Jeffery touch. I really like this.