Thursday, January 04, 2007

New member.

Hello to everyone. I'm a new blogger and since I've only dabbled in painting in the past I would also say a new painter. Since downloading Brian's painting course last year, I've found it difficult to find the place and time to paint. My husband and I are semi-retired and we spend a few months in Florida each winter which seems to be where I have both the place and time. Last winter I painted a few pictures which I would like to have critiqued so I can begin this winter with renewed direction and inspiration. It seems everyone on this blog has a wealth of knowledge and skill to draw upon so I hope you will all help me overcome stumbling blocks. I feel VERY intimidated but I've decided to move ahead anyway. Thanks to everyone in advance.
Thanks Brian for help with "blog"stuff. Now, how to post pictures?!
Paula BL


  1. Hi Paula, to post pictures just go to your "dashboard" and "add post". You will be directed to a page where you can add text and a picture. To add a picture click on the small picture in the toolbar. Thanks for joining and sharing Paula. Brian

  2. Hi Paula,

    Hope to see some Florida scenes real soon!!

    What part of Florida?


  3. Thank you for you kind welcome.
    We are in Winter Haven, Florida which is located in the "lake district" where there are over 550 spring-fed lakes. I just recently bought a digital camera and hope to begin taking some pictures soon.
    Between the new camera, the blog and learning to paint, there has been a lot to learn lately!!!

  4. Hi Paula,

    I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work just as soon as paint, camera and blog posting all come together for you!