Tuesday, January 16, 2007


This is a large oil painting 30x40" that I did yesterday! Comments and crticism welcome!


  1. Hi Brian! I've had so many blackouts, i haven't even bothered getting back online when i have power! But i have now, and here i am.

    I really like this one. Partly because i'm very fond of this style of farmhouses, but i like the way the house is lighted (lit?) – it makes a wonderful focal point. And the shadows of the back porch invite me to check them out. I love those shadows! This painting excites my eyes. :-)

    I must say i like this one better than the last house you did yesterday (Winter Farm House - oh, to BE that prolific!). With that one, i had trouble figuring out what to look at and it somehow makes me feel uncomfortable. Isn't that incredible? Maybe it's the winter gloom in the painting, i don't know.

    Actually, now that i think about it, that time of the day, with that weird reddish light that happens sometimes, unnerves me in real life, so . . . then i think it achieved what it set out to do. Sometimes we WANT to unnerve people! :-)

    Now whether or not that was your intention with that piece, I LOVE how art makes people FEEL – good or bad! Being drawn into a painting and feeling it!

  2. Another beauty Brian.
    You have captured a very special type of light here!!!


  3. Hi Brian,

    This one is full of magic and beauty. Lovely!