Thursday, October 16, 2008


I had a bit of exciting news tonight. I submitted 3 paintings into the Sidney Fine Art Show and all 3 were accepted into the show. This one here, which was on the blog at an earlier date was one of the paintings. It won a "Juror's Choice Award" so I thought I'd share the good news with everyone. Its been many years since I've won anything so its a bit exciting for me as today is my birthday too. It is also my brother Dave's birthday (twins). As you know him from his work posted here as "D. Simons". Thanks , Brian


  1. Great News indeed! Brian That cow lives and breathes everytime I look at's uncanny to say the least! Wow Twin Artist That's great to know!.....van

  2. A wonderfull piece Brian, and a wonderful birthday gift, im so happy for you

  3. Wow Brian, that's fantastic! After reading your post, I was looking at the show's website--it really looks like a classy, professional, competitive show. What an encouragement to have 3 pieces accepted, with an award on top of that! I'm not surprised of course--just glad that the "pros" see the same greatness we do!

  4. Thanks Dave, Van and Elliot for your generous comments on this one. Ya, this was one of those unusual little paintings that literally falls off the brush...thanks. Brian

  5. Sorry I didn't get to this till today
    Happy Belated Birthday to you and Dave.
    I am thrilled about the art show news. You certainly deserve the recoginition. The special award is the icing on the cake. The brushwork on this one is very exciting. Brian, you have a way of having painting after painting "fall off your brush". You are so modest which is very refreshing for someone whose work is as wonderful as yours.

    I know my comments are amiturish but I reqlly like all your work. I know it gets boring for me to say the same thing over and over. I am not experienced enough to see anything I think you could improve on. I especially love the fruit in the brass bowl at the top of the blog.
    I hope you hade a wonderful birthday.
    Much love and admiratation. Hi to Jane and the little Brian.
    I missed our week long workshop together time together in Sept.

  6. Page, thank you for your wonderful comments on this and other works, as well as the birthday wishes and the congrats. When I say "fall off the brush", I'm really meaning that. It's almost like they can NOT be painted and happen so fast. Family and little Brian are well. He just got his face painted today with Thomas trains all over it. Him and his mom were out buying pumpkins.

    Hope you are well and happy painting these days. I too miss our little Quadra rendevous!
    Warmest wishes, Brian

  7. Congratulations! and happy birthday to both you and Dave!

  8. Dear Brian, belated Happy Birthday to you and Dave. Wow I did'nt know you both were twins. Have been unable to comment or post my work due to my moving to a new city. It seems harder than I had imagined. Anyways I am so very proud of you and your prize winning painting. You deserve numerous more the talent, skill and passion that is present in your work! all the best.

  9. Thanks Ralph and Asma for your birthday wishes and comments on this painting. Brian