Friday, October 10, 2008

My Gramps

I took the summer off painting and once the weather turned I got back into it, after few duds produced while I warmed back up, a couple good ones magically appeared. This is one of my grandpas...

acrylic on board


  1. Love the colors and those loose thick brush strokes.
    A lovely painting, Brian K.!

  2. Hey Brian , welcome back! This is great, love the face here and how simple and immediate the brushstrokes are. Great job! Brian

  3. Really interesting composition and great brushwork--especially in the hat!

  4. Hi!...Wow! I take photographs like this all the time over the many years as a professional cinima man -

    BUT you captured what I'm wanting to achieve with all my cinema /stiil pix. in painting and you did it BRAVO ...van

  5. i like the face brian, not sure about the hat though, nice one

  6. Thank you everyone. Dave, please let me know your thoughts on the hat. I always welcome and am very open to advice.

    and ...van, would you be willing to share some of your photos for my subjects?