Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Here's a 24 x 30" acrylic finished last night. It's a scene from the Biltmore House south of here in the Appalachian Mnts. I struggled with it a bit. Would love some C&C.


  1. Hi Elliot, this is great, I like it a lot , especially how the statue stands out. Can't see any big issues here though, I might bring a hit or two of the very light yellow in the sky, down on a couple of highlights on the statue.
    The more I look at this , the more I like. Love the dark outlining on the buildings contrasted with the soft cool edges of the statue. Brian

  2. Thanks Brian. Yeah, I was playing with a contrast between the heavy, geometric buildings and the light, fluid statue just as you noted. I didn't think about a lot--I was just curious how it would look. I considered bringing some of that lightest yellow into the statue, so maybe I will try that. Thanks so much for your comments.

  3. Hello Elliot, Good to see a post. I really like the sky, and the abstract quality of the buildings. The statue commands too much attention for my taste, and in a way seems to be done in a differant style. Maybe if she was a bit softer in colour. I also find the placement may have been stronger for the composition farther to the right. Now I will read what other said as I didn't want to be influenced. Great to hear from you.

  4. Hi Elliot, he more i look at your work the more i see a distinct style and quality to it. Love this one. Very classic in nature, maybe the statue. I like the way it stands on a side and how the steps contract to its marble? feel...

  5. Hi Elliot,

    Hi Elliot,

    Love the colors and great contrasts here.
    I would agree with Julie regarding the difference between the statue and the rest of the painting. It really jumps out (which may be your intention)I think adding some softer creams and yellow would be a good idea. It's hard to tell from this small photo but it does look like the brush work is finer and more blended than the rest of the work.Maybe when you add the warm whites you could make the brush work in keeping with the background Just a suggestion.

  6. Hi Elliot

    This is very beautiful. A different style from your usual loose effortless looking work. I like both styles very much
    Ya Ya