Saturday, October 25, 2008

close up

Hey Brian, I know you have the same camera as me. Under what light do you shoot your paintings? (I shot in outdoor full sun, my guess is you shoot under halogen light) And what setting? Do you do automatic?I for instance shot this close up in the "foliage setting" and it seems to be more true., than the shot below which was automatic. I also shot this one in "super fine" resolution and the other in normal. Sorry as you can tell I am frustrated. Hope your class is going well this weekend, no rush on your reply.


  1. Boy Julie, the colors here are just stunning! Too bad we can't see those colors on the full picture. Must be just gorgeous in real life. My camera, I shoot inside on 'auto' without a flash and then bring the photo as close as possible to the real painting using Picassa (a google photo editing program-free).
    Still not totally familiar with my camera yet either. Brian

  2. Yeah, love these colors and textures Julie. Sorry your not able to get them in the full pic.

  3. Hi Julie,

    I love the close up photo. I think you should do a painting of just this composition as I think it really works. When i first saw it I thought it was a complete painting (I hadn't seen the full piece)