Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Here's a 16x20" acrylic. Be tough on me with this one Brian--the father of the gal pictured will likely buy it (he hasn't seen it yet) if it's decent.


  1. If it,s any help to you, the figure seen a little small for the point of interest.
    It might be better if the figure was bigger and the oven smaller.

    Colors are beautiful Elliot!

  2. Hi Elliot, The figure looks small in comparison to the tray she's holding, but that may be the way it actually is. I would throw some of that beautiful color on the floor into the oven in a couple of spots and maybe even mix it with the purple on the back wall.
    The orange yellow part of the oven on the far right is a bit loud, I would tone that down some. The figure is great! Maybe also look at the angle of the oven on the right at the floor. I might delineate the angle there a bit more. I think if the angle of the oven where it meets the floor, dropped downward as you move to the right, that would create a bit more excitement rather than having it perfectly horizontal. You could also make the back wall where it meets the roof slope upwards toward the right a bit more.
    Just a few thoughts here. The oven is so square, that by adjusting the angles a bit more, it would make it much more exciting.

    If I cover the angle of the wall on the left where it meets the floor with my finger, the whole thing hangs together really nicely. However, because you have that steep diagonal there and no other angles anywhere, the whole thing doesn't hang together as well as it could. By adjusting those angles as suggested, it should bring more life into the piece and not make it quite so stiff. Good luck Elliot! Brian

  3. Thanks so much for you generous thoughts Brian. I can't wait to get home and give it a go!

    Thanks for your comments as well Ralph. I had the figure larger but the face was too small. I didn't want to re-work the face, so I just reworked the figure... and it ended up a little smaller than I wanted... oh well.