Friday, September 26, 2008

Canadian sunset 2

20x30" Acrylic on Canvas. Finished today. C&C welcome.


  1. Boy Ralph, your just pumping them out! I like this one a lot, beautiful quality of light in this. Brian

  2. Ralph - you must camp out or get up early! TYour visions are mistakenly absolutey capturing of the light!..........van

  3. Hi R, love this one, sky seems to be merging into the water. its dreamy and thoughtful.
    thanks for the helpful advice..will keep it in mind. thanks

  4. Thanks Van and to all for the comments.
    Actually I painted it from a picture I took, which I download to the computer monitor and painted it from there.
    You can download the free Picsa 3 and edit your picture if there is something you don't like about it.
    The painting is nowhere like the picture. The painting itself brought me to the results.
    I could do 20 paintings from this picture and all would be different.
    This comment may be a little long but I wanted to give you this infomation. Have a good weekend!