Thursday, September 25, 2008


Did this one this afternoon....Comments welcome. 16x20" oil/canvas. Brian


  1. Hi Brian, i love this one. along with all the others. the fruit is smack in the centre yet does nt seem so with the chair pertruding onone side. what a lovely composition!

  2. Colors are beautiful! Brian.

    Perspective is really off with the plate, unless you did it on purpose but no matter.

    It's a beautiful style and a beautiful painting!

  3. What I meant was, the plate seems a little high off the table.

    I've been on the site 3 days and havn't got in trouble yet. I am being very careful what I say and how I say it. I only want my comments to be helpful.

  4. Thanks Asma and Ralph for your comments. Ralph, I wanted the perspective off kilter and wanted to keep the painting as flat as possible. The plate is up off the table and has 3 legs under it. You can only see two. Cheers, Brian

  5. The more I look at this one the more I love it Brian! The offering of fruit and the candle the beautiful colors the feeling of peace. The beautiful Cezanne style.
    All this technique, faults, nose picking and nit picking critique is just bullshit anyways.
    Your right Brian! get a feeling for something and put it down, that's all that counts. It is our destiny to be creative there is no other way. All the rest is distraction.

  6. Coach Simmons,
    Your newest paintings are inspiring. I love the bold colors, the outlining of things, the odd shaped fruits, and flatness. Cezanne is one of my alltime faves and I see his elements in here. VERY NICE AND EXCITING!
    I cannot wait to see more from you, my friend.
    Best, Steven

  7. Thanks Ralph for your thoughts on this one, I appreciate it.

    Steve! Great to hear from you and happy you like some of the new stuff. I'm doing a lot of experimenting and haven't quite settled on a new method yet, but will soon. I must admit, the flat, colorful fauvish stuff is sooo much fun, more so for me that the representational stuff with local color, so that is the road I want to travel for a while.
    Hope your well, and hope the Caffeno thing worked out for you.
    I know your really busy, but hope you can squeeze in a painting or two now and then!
    Warmest regards, Brian

  8. Hey Brian, this is great! Very Matisse-esque! :-D