Wednesday, September 03, 2008

small studies...


  1. Hi Asma, I like your little studies here. The reflections in the teapot are great, but the ice cool blue in the shadow is a bit distracting. I would gray the blue a bit.
    The roses one, I like the colors, again, that icy blue on the bowl is a little loud. Also having the roses right at the bottom and the edge of the table at 50% up the canvas presents some composition issues.
    Other than that, I like what you did here. I've seen a lot of improvement in the short time you've been on the blog here.

  2. Yeah, the shadow is a little strange, but other than that, I love the top one. Great work. The lemons are awesome, and you did a super job on the metal.

  3. Beautiful color in these i especially love the teapot

  4. Thankyou all, Brian, Elliot and Dave. No idea how much your feedback means and helps me. thanks :)

  5. Asma
    Your stainless cofee pot is very welldone - brilliant. I agree with Brian about the colour of the shadow.