Monday, September 29, 2008

This is a little 9x12" study I did to practice for a larger one. It feels a bit boring, and I wonder how I might kick it up a notch when I go bigger.


  1. Hi Elliot, nice little study here but a bit drab as you say. A couple of things I would do...
    -darken the sky and create more drama in the clouds
    -bring a bit of the sky colors into the foreground to create a few cool notes to balance the hot yellows and reds.
    -increase the red in the painting
    -put in some more details around the building or silo
    -design the forground to "lead" the eye to the focal point a bit more
    -lighten the distant hills a bit more and maybe a few darker notes in the foreground
    I think I'd make the sky more dramatic and the foreground a little less dramatic
    I'd also move the horizon down more to creat more room for the drama of the sky.

    A few thought, may possible help on a bigger one.

  2. Awesome, thanks for taking so much time with this one Brian. All great, helpful suggestions. I really appreciate it!

  3. Needless to say I can't give you a professional critique like Brians.
    I think all the colors are too dull and gives this painting a dead feel and appearance.
    The subject matter is quite simple and to me needs a spark. Note Brian's painting at the top of the blog. The subject matter there is simple too but the color and contrast make it very lively and fresh. Or maybe you want a more dull and quiter look.

  4. No I def want lively and fresh and not quieter/dull. I think you're right about the subject matter--it's pretty plain, no foreground--so it needs a "spark" as you say. I tried another landscape last night with more punch (i'll try to get it on the blog later). It's more interesting but still a bit dull. I paint using these spotlights, and I wonder if that doesn't contribute to paintings looking dull in more "normal" light. Anyway, thanks for for your comments/suggestions!