Thursday, December 04, 2008


Done today 36x48" acrylic/canvas ....comments welcome. Brian


  1. I like the composition of grass 1 better.Also I find it pops more and has a lot more punch,

    because in my humble opinion in grass 1 the light yellow is the center of interest where in grass
    2 the blue is getting the attention and the yellow is spread all over in about equal balance with the red.

    Of course if could paint like you I would be so elated I wouldn't care how it looks.

  2. I like this little series Brian, has a great feel to it. I like the variety, differant energy, both are great. I personally prefer the calmness of the water and overall effect of #1 I like the smokie water, and the hot spot of sunlight. But I think the abstraction in the representation is something I am responding to, it's where I am at right now, and something I plan on continue exploring. Do you know what I mean by that? I like that one can recognize what it is, but it is not so literal, or due to compostion there is room for the abstract or imagination, which for me allows for contemplation. I asked if it was your own photo because I think one can feel that. Way more evocative. Hope this doesn't all sound like art speak or goobley goop.

  3. Thanks Ralph for your comments here. I took another photo of this one as the first one was brighter than the actual painting. This one is a bit closer. Brian

    Thanks Julie, yes I'm into the abstraction of these quite a bit with a somewhat limited palette. I hope to do a few more and see where it leads. Thanks. Brian

  4. What I meant was there is always time for experimenting and a new adventure.