Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Done today, 36x48" acrylic/canvas. Comments welcome. Brian


  1. Beautiful Brian, did you take this picture?

  2. Lovely contrast and color here Brian!
    With the size of this one it must be very impressive in real life. Starting to look like some of your former masterpieces. Just a beautiful piece of art!

  3. Thanks Julie! This is from a photo I took at a bog here the other day.

    Thanks Ralph, much appreciated. Was fun to do and with a simple palette. Brian

  4. The more I study this painting the more I love it Brian!

    You really have a way on how to pop those colors.

    This painting has a real impact on me. I will learn a lot from it, and I am sure it will improve my painting.

    Thanks for posting it Brian! Much appreciated.

  5. Thanks Ralph and Julie for your comments on this one. Brian