Saturday, December 06, 2008


Here's todays, felt great to be painting after 3 days, and decided to brave the encaustic again.


  1. Hi Julie, lovely composition. whats
    the size? colors are so sophisticated.

  2. Hi Asma,
    This is 12X12 I find it difficult to work in the medium as large as I would like, because the wax cools and hardens very quickly, so one could not get a large (10") sweeping brush stroke on the board.This is one thing I am finding limiting. I am working with bees wax, as it is not so toxic, but in time i am going to try microcysaline, as I here it will do what I want.

  3. Beautifully abstract Julie, love all the textural effects here but the abstraction beats all. Brian

  4. Love this one Julie. Sooo rich. You seem to pick really effective ones for this medium.