Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunset 4

20x30" Oil on canvas. Done today. Tried one in oil. I'm not sure about this. C&C Welcome. My wife says not much difference then with acrylics, except the smell.


  1. I like this one Ralph. I don't know if you've worked in oil before, but it really seems to work for you. I especially like the painterly strokes in the water. I'm not crazy about the really dark band at the top. When I cover that part up, I like the whole thing a lot more.

  2. Beautiful colors Ralph and I too think the dark band at the top is too dark. Rich, juicy paint Ralph , nice job. Brian

  3. good on you Ralph for exploring, i too agree about the dark band, and the painterly strokes. i think oil agrees with you. Julie

  4. I don't know why, the top came out darker in the photo then the painting, also the purple band just above the horizon came out poorly too. Must be the lighting.

    I love the feel of oil and I know I would do really well with it but the wife is already complaining.

    I don't know why, I only got paint on the fridge, her beautiful ceramic counter, the pantry doors under the sink, the dishwasher,the bathroom sink and tap handles, the light switches, the the walls, the floor, the garbage pail, my sweater under my armpits a different color for each one, don't ask me, and my pants, and I wore gloves but my hands were full of paint too.

    It must be some kind of record, but I mean what the hell, give me a break, its only my first oil painting.

    So I guess it will have to wait till the summer where I can paint out on the deck. Don't say it!

    Hey gang thanks for the feedback. I love you all dearly!

  5. Have been away sorry for the late comment.....lovely pleasure

  6. Thanks Asma! Happy New Year to you and yours!