Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Found this one while looking through paintings and thought it would be a fun one to post. Haven't painted for a day or so. Looks a bit mafia-like and I think my eyebrows need a trim. I think this was done last year sometime 16x20" oil. Thanks for looking. Brian


  1. Hi Brian, i like this one.The blacks in the front and back holds it all together well. you dont look a bit mafia like on the contrary more like a confident painter! i enjoyed this :)

  2. I love this Brian, I don't feel mafia, but there is a softness in you which I feel is missing. Great post.

  3. If your higher self, God. or the Universe whatever you want to call the higher creative power, paints there is no critique.

    If the ego paints there is always insecurity and we ask for a second opinion or comment.

    As a painter there is only one critic worthwhile and that is the higher power within you.

    If you like the painting it is a great painting period!

    If you don't God is your critic and you will sense something is wrong with the painting so get out the brushes and work on it till you like it or scrap it.

    It was only an ego painting anyway!

  4. I disagree Ralph. I don't think there is any "ego" involved here, and I don't think there is some pathology in a little C&C among friends.

    Regarding the painting, I absolutely love it! All those dark values do seem a bit of a break from your usual, but I think it totally works. Really fantastic.

  5. Thanks Everyone for your comments on this. Yes, I knew some would like it and some hate it which is a good thing. Sombre colors and a bit moody which may annoy some but I'm OK with it and would like it even more if the eye brows were trimmed! cheers, Brian

  6. It,s not that I want to be mean.

    It's when there is too much praise you encourage the person to remain at the same level and repeat the same thing.

    On the other hand if your too hard you can discourage the person from painting depending on their character.

    I believe the person as to be his own critic and forget the rest.

    But a pointer here and there from someone with a lot of experience like Brian can be very helpful.

  7. Brian, I just ordered your ebook and am very impressed with it - I have barely started, but would definitely recommend it to others! It is definitely bringing the "fun" back into painting.

    One question about your self-portrait......a large percentage (at least 30%) of the canvas is BLACK....and yet, your paintings are so euphorically colorful...I would expect your self-portrait to be vivid colors also.

    I don't mean this as a criticism at all, I was just curious about your choice of colors...?

  8. I agree with Debra too dark and severe.