Saturday, June 21, 2008

Beach Play

Can't believed i squeezed one in. Hope i don't regret it tomorrow., it's late. This is 14X18 acylic I concentrated on how many brush stokes. I like the graphic vibe, limited palette, although it could look unfinished.


  1. I know you don't want any comments on this one!Dave.

  2. Didn't like this at first glance and thought the head was a football, however, after putting on my glasses and looking for a while, I've changed my mind. The longer I look, the more I like it, the abstraction, the composition, the unusual subject matter, the colors are great! The shadow of the figure and head bothers me though, a little too hard-edged and I'd love to see some blue/grey of the water in the shadow (a darker version). The figure is beautifully sculpted and the whole thing has is wonderfully balanced and arranged. Pretty exciting Julie! Brian

  3. I so wish I had time to work this one a little more. i really like it, but see how just a few changes could bring it where I'd like it to be. Funny Brian, I looked at it this morning and the first thing I thought was the shadow was too dark. I also would loose that light value on her right hip. I got rid of the dark swatch on the ocean on the right. Would like to touch up the arms. All small things but would make a big differance. Thanks for your comments. I agree with them. What I will find tricky if i go back in, is not to loose that graphic quality I like, by over working it.
    I know the subject matter is quirky, seems to be something I'm drawn to these days. It's my 14 year old daughter, she has a lovely playful energy, which I find so refreshing!Julie

  4. Sorry Julie I though Dave Painted it!
    So after putting on my glasses I realized it wasn't Dave that painted it and that it was Julie. Well I just assumed he could of painted it if he was on a drunk or something.
    So I would like to be honest with my comments like Brian I mean that what it's all about now, isn't!
    My comment is you should never put the asshole on the vanishing point!

  5. Hey Ralph, good sense of humour but I think your comments overstepped the bounds of courtesy and respect and don't think its a good thing to compare one painter to another. In future, please limit your HONEST comments to constructive ones that will help the painter in their efforts and not those that may offend.....Brian

  6. Yes Ralph, I understand the composition is not for everyone. As far as shoulds and shouldn'ts are concerned, I have not paid alot of attention to those in my life, and certainly don't plan on following rules now, at the exploritory stage of my painting.Plenty of time for that later.
    Funny I looked at this and could only see long fawn like legs, all gawky and awkward. I guess it's all in what the viewer brings to it. Julie

  7. Now that was a real comment! Brian.

    What I wanted to say was after [{something} in my comment} I should of added [observing the errors of spelling he made on the few words he wrote in the comment on my painting it is quiet possible, comparing him to his comment instead of Julie. Sorry about that Julie.
    The rest was too good a joke to pass up! Sorry for that too if it offended you Julie!

    Anyways I am tried of playing ego games here and I am leaving the site.

    Brian! you are on the fast track to somewhere. Keep expanding your awareness and stay connected that's where God's power is. In other words cut out the ego chatter by being aware of it, and stay in the present moment.

    Also a worthwhile read:
    [The third JESUS by Deepak Chopra]

    Warm regards to all!

  8. Hey Ralph, I had a good laugh at your comment, but thought it a bit too much and may drive others away from the site. I hope you come back, I've seen lots of improvement in your work of late and think this forum is a great place for us to learn and grow! You are always welcome here...Brian

  9. Sure I will stay Brian! I was in a pissy mood and out of line anyways. My ego is not completely eliminated yet either, but you being a man of God,

    I want to tell you I had a perception shift early this morning [and I told my wife when she woke up and she said fine! now that you can create miracles go buy a 6/49. She is so cute!] and I have never been as close to God as I am now. I don't know what happened,I guess I do a little, but now I am in a place within myself where I am in total peace and bliss and I realize that every moment is a new creation.
    Knowing this will shift over in my art creation sooner or later hopefully sooner, and I am so elated to have God with me and feeling his presence, and all the seeds I planted died and now there is new growth. Hopefully this will last for awhile at least.

  10. Thats great Ralph....there's an old saying that goes "if your still here, you haven't graduated yet" we all have issues and lessons to learn...thanks for sharing and I'm happy your sticking around! Brian

  11. Good reply. Love you Julie!

  12. The strong shadow makes it seem like bright midday sun, but the tone of the painting is very muted. This seems like an unusual choice for a very playful composition. I don't dislike it--just wondering if that's intentional.