Monday, June 30, 2008

Lovers walk [redone]

24x30 Acrylic on canvas. Still some working to do on the ropes. What do you think needs to be done Brian? C&C Welcome.


  1. Hi Ralph, I like the colors in this one and the composition. I wouldn't mine seeing some darks in the ropes and between the planks in the the foreground. Also, I would warm up the white clothes a bit. They seem to be demanding too much attention. If you cover the white with your finger and look at the rest of the painting, it settles down beautifully, but as soon as you remove your finger, the white wants all the attention. The colors are great here Ralph, I suggest darkening or yellowing the white a bit and see what happens. Brian

  2. Hi Ralph, I'm dying to see some gusty brush strokes it's all a bit fine for my taste, especially when consider the size of the canvas. May be in the foreground on the ropes. Hope this helps, Julie

  3. Hi Ralph...
    Just by coincidence your painting caught my eye. I like the romantic scene very much and I too think it could do with some shady strokes.
    Would love to see it again.

  4. Thanks Sophia! for your comment.
    Anyone who as read Eckhart Tolle I have the greatest respect for! Good going!