Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brian, here's the painting with an attempt at incorporating your suggestions. See what you think. By the way, you need to send me a bill for all your help!  I really do appreciate it. 


  1. I love it Elliot! Fantastic! Wow, it reads beautifully now and toning down the palette and strap allows the eye to enjoy all the beautiful colors of the flowers and drapery, stunning effect Elliot! Bravo. I'm sure Joanna will love it. You know, white, or anything really high keyed and close to white demands soooo much attention from the eye and all the other colors pale in significance in its presence as I'm sure you discovered here. It's like a totally different painting now. Thanks Elliot for demonstrating this for us. Brian

  2. Yeah Brian, that was a great lesson. I felt the same way... it's really like a totally different painting! Thanks again for all your help and encouragement.

    I sent Steven an email that I had put his painting up, so I bet he'll pay a visit to the blog shortly.

  3. No worries Elliot, please give Joanna, my warm regards and best wishes for her birthday. Brian