Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Step 7 done today...I am happy with the end result! - it finally grew on both of us as we looked at it yesterday and today. It's sitting on my mantel for a few days for me to "look at" and I'm looking forward to starting another one when I get back from Kelowna, next week. Thank you Brian for another great weekend; it was a great group. I saw the 5-day, May 11-15'09 and hinted what an awesome bday present (i'm may 7th). All comments welcomed, acrylic on 24x36 - PS: We have to figure out the lighting situation in my room; halogen lights. Any suggestions would be great! Sharka


  1. Hi Sharka, what a surprise to see you post here and your painting looks great. Too bad the photo doesn't show all the beautiful greens, but even with seeing then the piece hangs together well. Hope you'll do lots more Sharka, thanks for sharing this. Brian

  2. Sharka,

    This turned out just great. I know you were a little stuck for a minute there in class and it's great to see how well it turned out. I have yet to finish my boat, but you have inspired me.
    from a fellow allumni,

  3. Thank you Carol! Sorry I haven't replied earlier - away in Kelowna and then helping out all week at the senior centre for their Christmas craft fair tomorrow. I have the Gondola on my mantel and everytime I walk by it, I like it more and more. The pic doesn't show justice b/c of the lighting in my room or the camera operator. Your paintings are wonderful from what I saw in class (laptop) and I loved both your boat and the cascading tree I believe? It's amazing how we all follow the same steps and our own style imerges. Hope to see yours soon!!!