Monday, November 03, 2008

Here's an 18"x24" acrylic. I'd done a little experimenting lately, and this one was back to basics. Comments welcome.


  1. One of your best Elliot! Love the position of the truck, the suggested detail and color. Great job on this one. Also love the hoses and shadows! Brian

  2. Thanks Brian. Yeah, this one fun.

  3. Thats a real nice one !! movement, shapes are very attractive and appealing. wow!

  4. This is a good painting Eliot!
    The tree leaves behind the top of the truck are distracting if that what it,s suppose to be. It might be better to remove them and play with the sky, a litter darker in places or whatever works.
    From my own experience I'm finding out the less detail and the less I care how the painting turns out the better the painting.
    Only when you get to the point that you realize it is another part of you that paints things start to happen.
    Thank you Brian! for pointing me in that direction with your book.