Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I went small with this one: 12"x16" acrylic. It's a commissioned house portrait. I didn't like the photo the person gave me,  but I gave it a shot.  C&C welcome.


  1. Hi Elliot,
    Thanks for your constructive comments on my last piece. I think the client will be pleased with this; I like the composition, and the sense of light. I also really liked your fire truck, it had a really painterly feel to it. (funny I have a firetruck in my personal picture files, I think it's a great subject!)Great to see yoy painting so much. All the best Julie

  2. Hi Elliot, this is really nice work, great sense of light, love the cool greens in the foreground, just can't imagine your client not loving this. Brian

  3. Thanks Julie and Coach Simons. I appreciate the encouragement.

  4. Hi Elliot, I agree with Brian the
    light in this one is lovely, the focal point seems to be the two small windows on top. Very balanced colors.

  5. Well! to stay on track with everyone else and not rock the boat I'll say,

    I guess it's about as good as the rest of your painting!