Thursday, November 06, 2008


18x22 oil/canvas.


  1. Although the painting is not a bad painting and sort of flowing it is not really exciting.

    Before and while painting,

    Think exaggeration!!!
    Think contrast!!!
    Think value!!!
    Think Color!!!

    Happy painting Asma!

  2. Hello Asma,

    I really like the colours in the distant mud houses, and in the fore ground grass. This can only be seen when I blow it up, and I want to see more of it. I guess I would have zoomed in on this subject so that I can get big brush strokes and chunks of colour. But as you can see from my painting, maybe that's just where I am at right now.

  3. You've captured a real 'spatial' feeling here Asma. The foreground detail is nicely contrasted with the softness of the buildings and distant hills. A bit of orange or red somewhere would spice it up some and create more excitement. It's hard for us painters to really understand that the painting must have a life of its own and that it will NEVER be the thing it represents no matter how hard we try. We can let it have its own life when we get more into the paint and allow the paint to be just paint, for its own sake, and not try so hard to represent something. It's truly easier than we think. Brian

  4. I really like the foreground and the houses/horizon. In addition to Brian's suggestion, I wonder if some variation (of color, value, and brushstroke) in the green grass in the middle would take it to the next level. Just a thought.

  5. Thanks Ralph, Julie, Brian and Elliot for your feedback. I know and can relate to each and every comment. My daughter often remarks 'mom is too boring' and I for the life of me cant see how can i change it without dismembering nature me which is utmost perfection. Its a struggle and yes Julie and yes Brian it will come with its own pace. hopefully :)