Thursday, November 13, 2008


28x40 oil/canvas. worked on this larger painting for a few days, pushed my tones, contrasts and the light factor. not too sure about it love some critique. thanks :)


  1. Hi Asma, wow, this is a powerful painting! Love the slant on the horizon, the colors and how it draws you in! The reds in the grass create a lot of excitement there. My eye keeps going to the triangle-shaped cloud just left of dead center. It seems a bit out of place with all the other round clouds. Other than that I think you did a great job on this one. Brian

  2. I love this one Asma. Great job! I think this is your best yet. It's such a simple scene, but you loaded it with energy and excitement. Colors are great. Fantastic!

  3. Thanks Brian and Elliot, I'll fix that cloud right now.