Monday, August 11, 2008

Baha'i Shrine 2

This is the same painting as the one at the top of the blog. Both were don with Golden Open acrylics.
I was varnishing the first one and all the paint lifted off. I contacted Golden, they apologized for not making it clear to customers to wait 30days before varnishing and they are sending me a bunch of paints. Anyways, I sanded off as much paint as I could on the first one and painted it again, but this time its a little darker and not so red, as I didn't have the underpainting showing through. Comments welcome. Brian


  1. I like this one as well Brian, looks like you came out alright with both the paintings and the paint supplier

  2. Sorry about the paint problem Brian... I can't remember the previous version too well, but I think I prefer it. This one feels a little tight for me. Maybe it just looks a little less painterly... great work though.

  3. HEY.
    The woman that ''demoed'' the opens for me said to wait 90 days before varnishing to be sure. This one has interesting detail vs. ''abstract'' contrast along with the light/dark and warm/cool contrast. Very Good atmosphere and feeling.