Friday, August 01, 2008

Yet again... playing with colours!

'Devil's Saddle (Green)'
20 x 40 cm
This is the last one, honest! All comments are welcome. Hope you don't mind Brian, I just wanted to share them. Once again thank you for taking a glance! Sophia x


  1. Same issues here Sophia. Try bouncing the complimentary color or a version of it around in the water or sky. My favourite parts of all 3 is the water and waves. Brian

  2. Hi Brian... Thanks for your suggestions. I must say that I completely intended them to be the way they are and have had a lot of great reactions to them when seen up close and personal.

    I will take on what you've said and may try blending the complimentary colours next time around as I've been asked to replicate 'D.S.(Green)' and aslo want to do the same one on a larger scale for a friends beach club whose decor happens to be in the same colours. Thanks again. Happy painting to y'all!!! Sophia x