Friday, August 22, 2008

The Gorge

Hello fello bloggers. Went out this morning and painted this. It really is my first attempt at Plein Air. I went out yesterday but was just learning to set up my gear. I'm not in love with it, but really enjoyed painting outside, and the gear, and being in nature. Taos, New Mexico has endless vistas, I'm not sure I will ever be a landscape painter. But I like trying. The palette is so differant for me. I think it's 12"X20"


  1. Hi Julie, I like the colors and the way the distant hills and sky soften, not sure what the foreground is, Im assuming its cloud or fog?
    Love the greens in the foreground. Brian

  2. Hey Brian,

    Thanks for your comments. The more Ilook at this the more I dislike it. The colours are so ugly and unharmonious. To think I used to be good with colour, and still are in my line of work. But when it comes to looking and laying down a colour I have trouble. I did one last night too, not quite finished, was going well, then I started not to like it as I got more and more colour in. The fore ground is sage bushes with this soft sand in between. Anyways, I fully confess I have no idea what I'm doing, and because I only have oils with me, I'm finding it hard to go back to your basics. Struggling through.

  3. You're facing lots of new painting challenges all at once, and I'm sure it will take time to assimilate all you're learning. Don't get discouraged!

  4. Hey Elliot,

    Thanks for you words of encouragement. You are right, between the open air, and the oils, it's much. Leigh unfortunatley is not up to teaching at this point in time, so I am on my own. I may have made a contact with a new artist today, I find out tomorrow. I just need someone to show me oils!! So wish you and Steve were here. I've got this great place, a huge SUV and I feel it's all going to waste. Such a shame.

  5. hey julie!
    no way its going to waste! the effort and desire and adventure are it! enjoy that part and the paintings will come. i understand how you feel...having expectations and using unfamiliar supplies.

    i wish we were there also,but, hope you have a great time and enjoy!
    i'm excited for you... you got yourself there with all your stuff, set up equipment and painted outdoors in oils... pretty remarkable painting considering all it took you to make it. i hope you will date the back and reflect back on the success of getting what you got... on your own! wow!
    i bet if you add a bit more detail and contrast in the foreground it will read better and you will like it more.... keep painting!
    all the best!