Monday, August 25, 2008

The Gorge

This was a coming together of many differant elements. Looks great in reality. Not as chalky, it's 36"X24" oil


  1. I see that you have defaulted to your own style of painting here. I like this with the limited palette and large spatial areas. Looking a bit closer, I think you should soften the edges of the distant hills where they meet the sky....if possible. I love the simplicty here. Brian

  2. nice work Julie. the sky specially . its vast and dreamy. nice work!

  3. Hey, Thanks guys,
    Brian I hear you, and will look at it again tomorrow, it's in the car as I don't dare let it dry here in the house. But the values look much more pleasing in reality.I also want it to keep some of the graphic nature. So we'll see.
    I'm not sure if "default" would be my choice of words, rather, how I "felt-it".

    I wanted to thank Steven, Elliot and Brian, for such great words of encouragement. You know I don't care it anybody likes this one, cause I do, and I had to dig deep. And all your good thoughts and words that I felt so genuinely (or how ever you spell it) were great. Thanks, it was a rough week.

  4. HEY Julie
    Nice mood in this painting. Soft pallette. Subtle light. The contrast of the details in the gorge vs. the other areas really draws your eye thru it. In a way I see Brian's point about the sky/mountain relationship... maybe more blended and lost edges, but also, having been there and painted that same place, I know how pure the sky can be... even in the distance. For me, if you don't want to lose those edges, it works well with the close values and intensity at the mountains/sky... Good Job.

  5. i like the sense of space in this one