Monday, August 04, 2008

Hi Brian !
My First Post !
Here are paintings made in our refresher workshop a couple of weeks ago in Blowing Rock, NC. Thanks for coming down.


  1. Hi, looking at your four paintings the one with the pinkish sky really caught my attention. it has a quiet soothing feel to it. shadows of the boats are nice leads the eye to them. nice work!

  2. Hey Steve!So happy you decided to join the blog! Especially love your portrait of Richard and the boat painting! The lake scene works well for me too. The first one though, although beautiful in brushwork, lacks something for me..can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe it needs a hit of another color to fire it up a bit, or possibly the water is too white and needs more warm and cool greys to settle it down..not sure.
    Great work as always Steve, and thrilled to see you here! Brian

  3. Hey is this Steven P? Looks like it. I thought they all looked great,and so good to see you post!!I agree with Brian on the first one. My favorite is the portrait.I like the inferred brushwork. I really like the painterly feel to them all, and I'm always surprised to see accomplished artists post, but don't get me wrong...very grateful. Julie