Thursday, August 21, 2008

In the garden...

Recently did these 12x12 oil on canvas. love some feedback. thanks.


  1. Hi Asma, these are lovely little paintings! I like the composition of the top one, but think there could be a bit more excitement in the greens. Looks like the same tones were used all over. Wouldn't mind seeing some lighter areas on the leaves, but nice as it is too!

    The second one, I would tone down the red just a bit. Looks like you had flowers and leaves on the brain instead of seeing just shapes, color , value etc. and forgetting about flowers as they would show up all by themselves. The focus should have been solely on the paint, values etc. The flower looks pretty dark and heavy rather than light and almost transparent. Maybe soften a few dark edges around the flowers to make them softer and lighter.

    There is some looseness in both which I like and your use of cool greens helps a lot.
    Hope this helps! Strong paintings needing a slight adjustment.

  2. Thankyou Brian for your priceless advice. i think i was struggling too hard, thinking too much and trying to perfect the detail, image i saw rather than the whole . why do we forget ? thanks