Monday, August 04, 2008

Old Girl

This is my latest after being away for the last 6 weeks. 4'X5' Acrylic, lot's of glazing. I know the subject is not for all, or the "tightness". But I enjoyed doing it. Took this picture at the Tate Modern in London this summer. It was a 3 D art install. I figure if the artist can use the VW so can I.
Good to see some new faces on the blog. Brian congrats on the book. Had to chuckle at you last one, as my whole new direction is machinery. Love it. Hope to paint lots over the next month, including in Taos NM where I will meet a fellow blogger!! (Hi Elliott)



  1. Wow! pretty exciting painting Julie and very abstract. Love the composition and subtle variations in the tones on the body.The red on the rocker panels is pretty nice. Wouldn't mind seeing a darker line where the rubber meets the rim. My eye goes right to the wheel and it seems a bit weak. A few darker edges would wake it up and provide more excitement for the eye.

    Wonderful piece and soooo big! Love it! Brian

  2. Hey Julie. I like this one. It reminds me of your first few posts with its gentle feel that seems to be your style/signature. I thought the same thing as Brian about the tire. It seems like it should be darker.

    So did Steven tell you that we weren't able to work out the Taos plans this time? I'm dissapointed but hope we can work something out another time. Does that mean you'll be there solo? Will Leigh be there?

  3. Hey Big Bummer. I so thought it was going to happen, and was looking forward to meeting you. I guess I am going to be solo, which will be gteat as well. I'm really looking forward. I have not been able to get in touch with Leigh yet. I'm not sure what to think. She has not responded to my last 2 e mails.I'm glad you like my painting. I'll work that wheel!!

  4. Yeah bummer, I know. Steven and I both want to make it out there before too long. Hopefully you will have a great experience, and then you can meet us there when we go... and we'll convince Brian to come too! That would be an awesome time.