Monday, August 11, 2008

Steven inspired me to post paintings from the workshop too. Thanks again Brian--what an awesome time! That's Steven by the way in my 45 min exercise. The top one doesn't feel like it totally hangs together but not sure why. As always, comments and critcism welcome.


  1. Hey Elliot, nice to see your work again.Boy the aerial really sings and I think the first one does too. Might need to darken the light green area a bit. The portrait is great! The bottom on is good too , but the big yellow leaf in the middle bugs me a bit. Great work Elliot..hope your doing more! Brian

  2. Hi Elliot,
    Good as always to see you post.Like the 1st one, although the forground looks a bit "unfinished" to me.Sky, hills feel good.The portrait felt like Steven was wearing his glasses too high, or I'm missing the eyeballs, or sharp reflection....something.I really like the white house, and the figures. I've seen a few of your peices in this direction that feel stong to me. Really capture a good vibe of a group together. that's my favorite. I agree with Brian on the yellow leaf, I thoiugh perhaps it was a bee hive, as the scale seems so differant from the others. So glad you posted. Thanks