Sunday, August 24, 2008


OK, this one was a quick little painting done today for my book publisher who sent me a sketch of what they wanted. I set up a still life based on a sketch and did this little painting...16x20" acrylic.
The book is titled "Get Straight to It: ACRYLIC PAINTING". Was fun to do. They wanted the background left white and will probably adjust the color slightly.Comments welcome, Brian


  1. Hi Brian,
    This is fun. Did they also say what type of mood they want? For instance, do they want fun, easy, light. Did they talk about the reader they are trying to appeal to. I like it. I don't have any idea about books, but if it was trying to appeal to a more serious "hobbie" painter, than I think it would send the wrong message. You know me and marketing, always something to say.

  2. Thanks for commenting Julie. The audience they are appealing to are the baby-boomers coming into retirement and need something to do with their time. I agree, this image on the cover may not appeal to the serious painter, but I think they're after mostly a beginner audience who may, later on become more professional. They chose the title and the cover design and for me, its a bit like a literary commission where the client knows what they want and just need someone to pull it off for them. Thanks again. Brian

  3. A nice sketch Brian, i like it

    Its cool when artistic professions cross over/ blend from one to another. I see Illustration, Graphic Design and Painting all roled into this canvas... I know for me those parameters are fun and challenging to make work. I think you hit it great with this one. I assume the white background is for Titles on the cover. Good Job. Best, Steven

  5. Love it Brian! Lots of fun. I can't wait to buy the book.