Wednesday, May 21, 2008


this is a little 16x20" oil done yesterday from a photo of the beach area in south Victoria.
Comments welcomed...Brian


  1. I'm all over this Brian
    Love the intensity of colour in the "hills" Love the abstract quality, and again, the energy. Love the interpretation.

  2. Brian, I love this one a lot. I notice you have 3 strong primary colors in here--and I like it. I know you've said before that 3 strong primaries together often don't work. Is there something you did that makes this one work?

  3. Thanks Julie for your comments.
    Elliot, yes I did say 3 primaries in one painting doesn't usually work, but every rule can be broken as you know. Of course I wasn't conscious of this until you pointed it out. Not sure why it works, I guess the blue is the strongest in "chroma" and the reds and yellows are mutted somewhat and not as pure a color???? Anyways , thanks for commenting here. Brian