Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Growth

Heres todays. A shot I took a couple of weeks ago. This stage lasted about 2 days and was gone. 30X36 acrylic


  1. Hi Julie, I really like the way you did all the branches and twigs with broken line instead of having them all be straight and hard-edged. I also love the sky colors...has the "feel" of tree and new growth...and a joyous dance of twigs and leaves, lovely. Brian

  2. also...the more I look at it, the more I love the composition and balance.....acrylic...bit of a surprise! Brian

  3. Hey Brian, Thanks, it has the feel of what I was trying to capture, but because it is larger than life, it looks best from about 35feet away. The sky that morning was dark and wintery, but the sun just peeked through and lit those buds up like a light bulb. It was too big to do in oils, don't own that much paint. It was fun again to do a big one in acrylic, mix it up a bit.

  4. The leaves look like acrylic butter
    + the sky, the limbs & the twigs
    give off a realness we can all aspire to!..Geat!.......van