Tuesday, January 13, 2009


18x22 oil/canvas


  1. Your paintings often have a lovely storybook illustration feel to them... like this one, for me anyway.

  2. lovely Asma! It would probably be better if you started using thicker paiint and multi color. Well done Asma! You still didn't tell me how you get your photo so large.

    Picked up a vicious virus some where, had to reformat the computer. Will be spenting the rest of the day downloading the rest of the junk. What a drag!
    Happy painting.

  3. Hi Asma, Love this, moody, chilly and familiar somehow! The figure looks a bit washed out though, I might darken a bit just around the head inside the hood. Everything else in the painting has high contrast between dark/light, Just a bit higher contrast on the figure would help a bit. I like this one very much. Brian

  4. Thanks everyone, this was my very first snow painting and a completely new experience compared to the sun and greens i am used too. Sorry Ralph, I thought Brians note might have helped you below, anyways when you open the window to post your image you get a choice of various sizes, and the format shape. Pick your choice there and opt for the larger image. thats it nothing else to it hope it helps.

  5. Hi Asma,
    I really like this. It's great to see all those muted shades of colour. I particularly like the snow road and the distand trees, as well as the composition.I Liked the way the figure seemed to be bracing from the cold, with higher shoulders. I found the line of his arm both on the inside an out, reads too much like a "line",and makes him feel a bit drawn rather than painted shape.Which you may have been going for?

  6. Asma, I'm new here and have been seeing your paintings. I wanted to comment about how you captured this wonderful icy,cold feeling and the great perspective with the beautiful neutrals have done the job. The snow mounds are soft and deep. Great job!