Wednesday, January 07, 2009


18x18 oil/canvas. had found this image at the railways workshop very interesting . all metal objects ,grease, and machinery. love feedback. thanks


  1. You are such a beautiful person Asma!
    Like a beautiful flower that has all the beautiful colors of pure love.

    When you paint focus gently on your breathing. For breathing is a gateway to your soul.

    It will help you clear out the channels of your body and mind so the creative energy flows easily and freely.

    To become a painter you have to go beyond painting.

  2. Hi Asma, love the composition here and the warm and cool greens. The lighting and background looks a bit washed out. If it were mine, I'd darken the back wall some, and warm up the light in the windows and reflections. Just a thought. Brian

  3. Thanks Ralph for such a generous compliment dont know what i did to deserve it Heh. Appreciate it greatly and my struggle with painting with continue nevertheless happily.
    Brian I was unsure and nervous with the painting particularly with the choice of subject matter. thanks will darken the background.

  4. Asma, How you did you blow up your picture so big?