Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Done this afternoon, 16x20" acrylic/canvas. Couldn't get the color as accurate as I'd hoped but fairly close.
Comments welcome. Brian


  1. very engaging brian. love the shadows on the house and the yellow glow in an otherwise drab setting. one thought... a few of the strokes (like on the right edge just below center) show where you've laid down paint only partially. it looks a little tentative or scratchy. i guess the alternative would be to mix up a color that hits the same value but that you could actually lay on there more heavily. i'm stating this like a criticism but it's really a question because it's something i've thought about in my paintings. do you have any thoughts on it... or am i being too ANAL-ytical!?

  2. Very french to me. Classic colors and sophisticated charisma it holds for me. crisp and sharp, wow!

  3. great subdued color in this i like this one very much

  4. Mysterious to say the least! Why are the trees and windows so black when there is sunshine shinning on the house?

  5. Hi Elliot, yes there are a few tenative areas in the painting. I certainly could have used thicker paint there. Could have been a bit more present for this one. Thanks.

    Thanks Asma and Dave, yes, it certainly has a mood to it!

    Ralph, your absolutely right, a few lighter hits on the trees may be required. Thanks for that. Brian