Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Invitation to solitude

24x30" Acrylic on Canvas. Done today. C&C Welcome.


  1. Hi Ralph, a nice warm painting here. I love the variation in tones here. I do think it needs more darks, maybe around the fence and the base of a few trees...something to hold the eye, might be a couple of dark notes near the fence. Brian

  2. Thanks Brian! I think I will take the fence out between the two centre posts and boost the colors to give an entry path into the painting and also like you say add more darks to the painting to give it more balance.

    I find these type of paintings so hard because I am working from a photo and have to makeup the colors and values. I just want to post it to get rid of it. Not a good idea I think. I should live with it for awhile before posting. Thanks again Brian! I appreciate
    your critique.

  3. Hi Ralph, love the small brushstrokes here, the richness of color yellow which makes the painting so warm. you are getting into a disinct stlye very your own. lovely

  4. Thanks Asma! I am bouncing from one method to another. I have found a new way to start by reading art books, which will be easier for me, and I will be painting in a more painterly way. I will redo this one and post it. Happy painting!