Monday, January 26, 2009


20x30" Acrylic on canvas. Done today. C&C Welcome. Lot of great art posted lately.


  1. This is pretty exciting Ralph, love the looseness of it and the color and semi-abstract. I might darken the bit of light on the road or grass as it moves across the bottom left side. Tends to take my eye of the canvas. Maybe if you just darken the light yellow line near the bottom left, it would allevaite the issue. Love the way you did the branches in the yellow trees too.
    Great job on this Ralph. Brian

  2. Ralph, Very Monet like..lovely!

  3. Thanks Carolyn!

    I can see you and I are going to be great friends on this site.

  4. Hey Ralph, No my husband is not Italian! I really like the red path with the green. I like your variations of yellow. Good composition.I find the branches in the yellow tree to be to stark. I also wouldn't mind the slightest variation in that yellow tree. good job.